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Sifting through my childhood - Naked At School [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
What did you dream about last night?

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Sifting through my childhood [Oct. 22nd, 2008|10:45 am]
What did you dream about last night?


I posted this elsewhere, but I want to preserve it for posterity's sake.

I dreamed that Russell and I had come to a house that I believe was my father's, after he had died. He had been living there for years, and in my dream it was the house I had grown up. I remember it as being the last place we lived before I left for the West Coast, which seemed to coincide perhaps with hitting puberty.

(In reality we never had one house that was our family home, we moved once a year or so. I lived on the West Coast until I was 7, then NM, then OR for a few months when I was 11, then NM again until I was 24, when I moved back to OR.)

It had been abandoned and was filled with junk. There were a lot of old books. There were some things that seemed precious, like old ribbons and certificates that I treasured when I was a kid. Some of it was trash. Some of it was worth nothing, but I was deeply touched that my father had kept it all these years. A lot of it wasn't mine, and had been accumulated in the time since I'd left. I had to decide what to keep, and what to throw away.

There were a lot of old library books. I called the library, but they said they wouldn't take them because the records had all been expunged. I was miffed, and decided that I would just drop them off there anyway. They still had the old-fashioned cards in them with people's names written in.

When I woke up, I was convinced that the things of mine that were in the dream were things I actually had when I was a child, that only my subconscious brain remembered. I still am, a little. It was a very powerful dream, and felt very precious and important.

It reminded me of the junkyard in Labyrinth.

[User Picture]From: 7ofclubs
2008-10-22 06:19 pm (UTC)
That's so cool! I would love a dream where I found all kinds of personal treasures like that, especially since my mother was the type to throw things away if they weren't nailed down, when I was growing up, so I have very little in the way of memorabilia from childhood.

And ANY dream where you find lots of books is cool!!
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[User Picture]From: zevhonith
2008-10-22 06:23 pm (UTC)
I feel like we didn't necessarily throw things away, but you know what they say: three good moves is about equivalent to one bad fire in terms of losing stuff. So there wasn't a whole lot of memorabilia that we still have access to. So yeah, it was a surreal and also wonderful experience to find things I'd completely forgotten about. :)

I'm trying to think about the books thing, too, because it really was just like a room FULL of unshelved books, and most of them were library books. In addition to my childhood addiction to libraries, I worked in the University library the entire time I was in college, so obviously library books are significant to me!
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