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What did you dream about last night?

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read your eddas, kids [Oct. 9th, 2008|09:23 am]
What did you dream about last night?
In my dream I was doing hallucinogenic mushrooms. When I ate them, they tasted like criminis.

I rode away from the house that I was living in by hanging on to the roof of a car while people drove it. I got to the end of a block and jumped off when I decided it would be dangerous.

I got to a bar ( that I might have actually also been an employee at). I was speaking to a woman of the "perfect woman for me" archetype, and soon we were walking away from the bar together. I asked her if she needed someplace to crash and she said yes.

In the dream I let her sleep next to me in her own bed, after promising her that I would not try anything ( just like that warrior in the Eddic poem ). I kept my promise. In the morning, she was gone.

All of my cousins were there in the living room eating cereal.